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The “front door” of healthcare is quality diagnostic imaging services, delivered in a safe and caring environment. We are Michigan’s home base for mobile, fixed, interim and outpatient MRI, PET/CT, and CT services.


To enhance overall operational efficiency and clinical excellence, advanced diagnostic imaging programs need more than a vendor – they need a partner, with proven Michigan experience.

The always custom radiology solutions we provide to hospitals, health systems and physician practices elevate patient care while complementing and driving referrals to radiology programs.

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Mobile Advanced Imaging Services

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Advanced Imaging Modalities

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Outpatient & Fixed Site Imaging

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Winning Operational Services

Trusted Provider

Better serve patients and referrers with superior diagnostic imaging, where follow-on care can be coordinated seamlessly within your hospital, health system or physician practice.

For Partners

The Hospitals, Health Systems and Physician Practices located right here in Michigan.

For Referring Providers

The frontline medical professionals diagnosing and treating today’s complex conditions and diseases.

For Patients

The individuals in your community seeking quality imaging services.

Our Priority is Safety
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Oncology Services

Leading Oncology adjacencies to support continuum of care and successful diagnostic imaging services.

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We can solve almost any diagnostic imaging service challenge together.

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