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At Alliance-HNI, we partner with hospitals and physicians across Michigan to provide safety-first radiology services. As a trusted provider, we solicit continuous feedback on how we are performing.

A Note to Patients: You are very important to us – Read our patient message

Alliance-HNI Serves our Community by Living our Values

Safety Mechanisms for Those in our Care

Nothing is a higher priority to us than the safety of our patients, referring providers, and the communities we serve. Our safety mechanisms include more than just securing our imaging exam environments; they extend to our commitment to respect all healthcare organizations’ safety measures.

Our Priority is Safety

Together with our hospital partners, Alliance-HNI is committed to the safety and well-being of our patients and staff. In preparation for an imaging exam where Alliance-HNI is the service provider, our team is adhering to strict cleaning and sanitation protocols using CDC recommended cleaning products and disinfectants appropriately between patients. We have allowed for additional time in our schedule to allow for extra attention to detail.

The Alliance COVID-19 Task Force: National Resources for Local Teams

Each of our sites of care is focused on the local community and hospital we are partnered with – yet connected to the one of the country’s largest medical imaging care networks through affiliation with Alliance HealthCare Services.

The Alliance network is able to provide us with additional supplies, resources, information and best practices as we serve our patients.

  • The national Alliance COVID-19 Task Force has helped us stay abreast of fast-changing CDC and public health guidelines related to coronavirus, and supported us as we put related clinical processes in place to assure your safety when you visit our site of care.
  • The national Alliance supply team helps our care teams across the country responsibly source, secure and properly use Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”), keeping both you and our team members safe on the front lines of healthcare.
  • The Alliance resource team helps us prepare and provide our referring providers, patients and partners with up-to-date information and communications as we all navigate the pandemic together.

Day-by-day – and especially in times of change and uncertainty – Alliance-HNI stays focused on what’s most important: the exceptional care of each individual patient, right here in Michigan.

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To Our Patients

If you are a patient seeking consultation for diagnostic imaging, we appreciate you reaching out to us. Alliance-HNI is a business that helps hospitals and physicians across the country provide radiology and oncology services. If you have any questions concerning your potential need for diagnostic imaging as a part of your overall healthcare plan, please connect with your primary care or treating physician directly. They will refer you as needed.

Should your healthcare provider refer you for diagnostic imaging such as an MRI, PET/CT, or other type of medical imaging exam, it is important that you keep your scheduled diagnostic imaging visit so you can continue on your health-related care journey by receiving the imaging test your doctor has ordered.

If you’re a patient looking to leave feedback on your experience with us at a recent imaging appointment, we’d love to hear from you!

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