Referring Physician Education

Like many other medical service programs, Alliance-HNI uses specialists through in-services to update referring physicians on the newest uses of medical equipment and evolving techniques used with your Alliance-HNI service. Specialists are able to inform physicians about new and useful system capabilities in a one-on-one interaction to ensure that physicians are referring patients to your facility when clinically appropriate.

If you choose to use the Alliance-HNI Marketing Program, an Alliance-HNI Customer Support Representative will visit individual referring physicians at periodic intervals. Such visits will be used to distribute technical information, CME credit opportunities, measure satisfaction with the service, and discuss regulatory programs.

These visits also target the office staff of the referring physician by creating awareness of the service availability and providing an open forum for discussion about the service and how it is meeting the needs of the office staff. Customer Support visits to physicians are always performed for educational and informational purposes and are never conducted without prior approval from our clients.

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