Printed Materials

Our Customer Support Department has several types of printed materials available to help promote your Alliance-HNI service. These printed pieces are site-specific and include the facility's name, logo, directions or location, site information and patient scheduling call information. These materials are printed within your facility's graphic guidelines using your specific colors. The following examples are options from which to choose:

Prescription Pads

An all-inclusive information page showing a map of your location and general information about the exam is distributed to referring physician offices.

Rolodex Cards

For referring physician office personnel to use in their telephone directories, these cards offer information about your service as well as the patient scheduling number.

Promotional Flyers and Postcards

Developed to relay specific messages to referring physicians and their office staff, these special flyers contain your facility's logo and name and are used at various stages throughout our marketing campaign. These materials are utilized to promote the start-up of your service, introduce extended days of service, or announce equipment upgrades.

Patient Brochures

Each Alliance-HNI modality has a corresponding patient brochure to ensure your patients are well-informed about the procedure. Brochures are distributed and available at your facility, on the Alliance-HNI system, and referring physician offices.

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