Operations Services

The future of your imaging program requires operational services that compliment your goals for the future.

As your partner in radiology operational services, Alliance-HNI will support the build of a successful imaging program in an increasingly challenging healthcare landscape.

Today’s Complex Healthcare Challenges

Your hospital faces many challenges: declining patient volumes, changing reimbursement models, state budget cuts, Certificate of Need (‘CON’) complexities, tax increases, high deductible payor plans, compliance requirements, hospital consolidation, COVID-19, and so much more.

Meet Alliance-HNI’s Customized End-to-End Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging Solutions

Alliance-HNI’s business model alieves the pressures facing stretched health administrators, business owners, and radiology department leaders. We assume responsibility for al a cart or end-to-end radiology services at your location.

This allows our partners to focus on what is most pressing, while ensuring the gateway to further downstream revenue is running smooth. In addition to the equipment and personnel, we also bring our commitment to patient care, quality and a deep understanding of the complex industry dynamics facing Michigan and the nation.

Enhancing radiology department

operations, in the critical areas of:

Scheduling & Prior-Authorization

Our Patient Scheduling and Pre-Certification services support and streamline the patient healthcare journey, which is especially important as healthcare providers navigate COVID-19-related access and throughput challenges. Through expanded communication and support, our teams provide enhanced screening, registration and preparation processes.

We support patients with getting answers to their questions and help them feel confident and prepared as they come in for their appointment. This helps retain scan volumes, raise patient satisfaction rates and protect the downstream care continuum.

Clinical Staffing

We are a part of Alliance HealthCare Services, PET/CT technologists’ largest employer in the nation, and a leader in MRI and CT technologist employment. Our in-house recruiting team is adept at attracting the most qualified and prepared clinical staff and inviting them to join our exceptional team, in turn, becoming an extension of yours.

We work with external credentialing bodies, conduct appropriate background checks, and partner with only value-aligned compassionate caregivers that distinguish through professionalism and clinical excellence.

Referring Provider Outreach and Marketing

Recover and grow your patient volume, improve communication, and distinguish your imaging services with the referring provider and marketing services of Alliance-HNI. A strong and sustained referring provider relationship requires persistent nurturing, education, and innovation.

In today’s dynamic healthcare ecosystem, providers have many competing distractions; our team of physician communication experts work daily to strengthen referring provider loyalty and secure the future of your imaging program.

Certificate of Need Navigation

On your behalf, we will navigate and provide Certificate of Need (‘CON’) consultation to advance the expansion or creation of imaging services for your organization.

Our 30+ years of experience in the state of Michigan has allowed us to be involved in thousands of CON filings and has built a best-in-class reputation with the CON department in Lansing. Alliance-HNI has sole ownership of 29 mobile CONs (MRI and PETCT), assuring you are not receiving services from another health system in your competitive market. As your Central Service Coordinator (CSC), all volume reporting and calculations are processed and filed as a part of our services, with no additional work or fees to our customers.

Clinical Quality and Education

Outstanding clinical quality is the foundation of our culture at Alliance-HNI. We believe in providing exceptional care to each patient every day. We deliver the highest medical images possible, bringing system-level standardizations in quality protocols, education, and training to each of our Michigan based customers.

Medical Billing & Reimbursement

We stay up-to-date on the ever-changing radiology reimbursement and billing landscape – so you don’t have to. Saving you time and expense, our team of medical billing experts will fight on your behalf to maximize your imaging service’s profitability.

As part of a partnership agreement with Alliance-HNI, we can perform payer and reimbursement assessments and pinpoint growth opportunities in your payer contracts.

Market Assessments
& Customer Business Reviews

As a partner of Alliance-HNI, your dedicated Account Development representative will meet with you regularly to discuss ongoing performance and growth opportunities for the future of your radiology program.

We then implement a continuous improvement cycle to consistently advance the total standard of care through regular customer and patient surveys.

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