Communication Inservice

Spreading the word about a new medical service is one of the most effective promotional tools available. Alliance-HNI offers a series of informational programs for a wide variety of audiences. These programs are designed to present a fundamental overview of the basic uses and safety of our services.

Radiology Department and Scheduling Personnel

Presentations to these groups explain the importance of patient preparation and safety. Schedulers are given printed guidelines for questioning patients and doctors' offices. These questions are effective to screen for possible contraindications. Tips are given for obtaining complete patient histories. During this session, we encourage schedulers to tour the system and experience an actual procedure so they can use their personal stories to reassure anxious patients and their families.

Nursing Personnel

In-service presentations to nursing personnel focus on the appropriate uses for our systems, patient preparation, and safety. Because nurses are the most likely person to accompany very ill patients to Alliance-HNI systems, they should be well informed about safety and contraindications.

Other Hospital Departments

Ancillary services, such as housekeeping, security and maintenance, are also likely to work in close proximity to our systems. Presentations to these groups include a brief overview of the system and its uses, stressing safety. Emergency procedures are reviewed and a list of Alliance-HNI management contacts is distributed.

Community Programs

Alliance-HNI offers simple, informative lectures to service clubs, chambers of commerce, and other interested groups when the new system arrives. These programs are designed to provide a basic overview of the system and its uses. They also give the community a chance to ask questions about the technology, its medical value, and how it may benefit them or their families. Upon request, Alliance-HNI will furnish press releases and photos for distribution to local media. Such community outreach has a positive effect on the Alliance-HNI service and the standing of the health facility in the community.

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